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Siding renovation is a significant endeavor for homeowners, representing a substantial investment in their property's aesthetics, durability, and value. At our siding company, we understand the importance of this decision.

We believe in transparent, competitive pricing without any hidden fees. Our commitment to transparency extends to offering complimentary consultations on exterior cladding styles and color combinations. Throughout the installation process, we ensure clear communication, discussing all details and potential challenges upfront so you know what to expect. We welcome your feedback during installation and promptly address any necessary changes. Additionally, we document the installation process with photos, allowing you to see every detail. Upon project completion, we conduct a thorough walkthrough with you to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work. 

Popular Siding options in Vancouver

Our team specializes in installation and repair of the following siding options

Siding Renovation Process

As soon as you decide on style and colour of your siding, we sign a contract and start working on your project. 


Here are steps involved when do siding replacement.

Old siding removal

Andy 3.jpg

The old siding will be removed carefully and safely along with all the light fixtures and outlet boxes. Removal is done carefully to minimize damage to existing structures and sheathing underneath.


Our trained professionals will remove all debris daily and keep the area clean. Depending on the size of the project, a dumpster bin will be delivered to your property for debris and garbage disposal.

We inspect sheathing and framing for rot, damage or if missing altogether in some areas. If underlying rot is discovered, usually caused by water, we inform you for possible repairs.

From our experience, extensive water damage is uncommon. The additional repair cost for sheathing and framing is usually minimal.

Sheathing and framing inspection

sheathing repair

Rainscreen system


Rainscreen is a critical system that provides a cavity between the exterior cladding and main structure of the wall. This cavity allows for free drainage of any water that might penetrate the cladding. The air flow in the cavity also promotes rapid drying, inhibiting moisture penetration into the building envelope. Rainscreen turns your walls into two layered defence against the elements.


To prepare walls for siding, we install rainscreen system as per BC Building Code.

Our rainscreen involve the following elements:

  • Tyvek® HomeWrap®

  • 30min Building paper

  • Henry Blueskin® membrane

  • Bug screens

  • Window flashings

  • Pressure treated Furring Strip


Prior to installing the siding, after rainscreen system, our crew will install your new window trims, window flashings and vents.


We then install the chosen siding in strict accordance with manufacturer installation manual to prevent voiding factory warranty.

Unlike many other siding companies, our salesmen are the installers too. We take great pride in our work, the final result has to look beautiful.

Siding installation


Caulking and final touch up

ali 3.jpeg

Final step is to seal it all up with factory colour match caulking, exterior sealant for all butt joints and window trims. Followed by paint touch ups and final clean up.


We also walk-through  the homeowner of all the work that has been done and tips on maintenance.

Video below is for vinyl to hardie renovation we did in Surrey.

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